The terms of sale and lease are subject to change without notice.
Last Update: 5-26-01
                                                       Leasing and Sales of Images

All illustrations, drawings, paintings, cartoons or other graphic works presented in these webpages, hereinafter refered to as "Works" are solely my property (Kenneth Escajeda) or the persons to whom credit is given. They are here for display only, as a representation of the quality and style of creation that I, as the artist can provide for the customer. Any use of these images, private or public is strictly prohibited without written permission of myself or the copyright holder. Violators are subject to all applicable laws.

                                NOTICE : I reserve the right to refuse service to any persons or group.

                                                         General Conditions of Sales

Works that are purchased from me are solely the property of the purchaser, without restriction. A certificate of sale shall be provided with each purchase, testifying as to the authenticity of ownership, along with a copy of the computer file or hardcopy drawing as is applicable.

BE ADVISED: Sale or lease of an image does not constitute approval of your use or actions in regard to the image. Unless specifically given by me, my name shall not be used without my expressed written permission other than as identifying me as the creator of the Work.

As a term of sale, purchasers agree to allow me to continue displaying the Work(s) on websites, portfolios or other graphic representations for the purpose displaying my artistic abilities and soliciting new work for myself.

Purchasers (if desired) will be listed as the exclusive owner of the Work(s) on my site, and a shameless plug will be added to my links page for your business or website (as long as there is room and your activities don't rub me the wrong way. First come first served).

All purchased Work(s) will be guarded as exclusive property of the purchaser and will not be sold or leased in any way.

Once a Work has sold, I relinquish any and all responsibility of it. By purchasing the item, purchasers agree to hold me harmless of any and all liabilities that may arise from the use of the Work, including issues of legal or moral use. You buy it, you own it, completely.

View a copy of the certificate
text here. Terms of sale may be negotiable.

  General Conditions of Lease

Works that are leased from me are solely my property without exception.
I reserve the right to continue to use, present and display the Work(s) at my discretion even while other parties lease them. ALL Lessees agree to maintain my name on any representation of the Work used by them.


Images are subject to the following rules:

1. Work(s) are solely the property of Kenneth Escajeda, without exception.

2. Selected Works are available for short term (monthly) or long term (annually or semi-annually) lease. Preferred pricing is reserved for long term leases.

3. Lessees agree not to use my Work for criminal or immoral activities, including but not limited to hacking, cracking, pornography (of any kind), any connection with homosexuality, pedophilia, animal cruelty or worship of the devil in general. I'm Serious.
However, the use of my Work to further your shameless pursuits of capitalism is encouraged, as restricted in this section of course. I'm serious about that too. There's nothing wrong with making an honest buck.

4. Generally, Works that are currently leased are not available for sale. In the event that you find a Work that you just have to have, contact me and I will contact the other lessees in regards to negotiating a release for exclusive ownership. However, there are no guarantees as to the success of this effort.

5. Lessees (if desired) will be listed as lessees of the Work on my site, and a shameless plug will be added to my links page for your business or website (as long as there is room and what you do doesn't rub me the wrong way. First come first served).

6. All payment of leases are due in advance. Non payment of lease shall be considered as release of interest in the Work. Released images shall become available for sale upon default of payment. No exceptions. I do not take responsibility for any losses incurred do to untimely or lost payments. To insure payments arrive on time use either certified mail or

7. I do not accept responsibility for slow mail or late payments. Payment of lease is the sole responsibility of the lessee. If your payment is received late, then I will reinstate your lease unless that Work has been sold, in which case I will return your payment.

8. Once notified that a lease is cancelled, lessees shall discontinue use of the Work. I am not responsible for any liabilities arising from disputes between the owner of the works and prior lessees. However, I will provide a written statement authenticating ownership for all interested parties in the case of dispute.